Saturday, February 11, 2012

Making the Most of Your Space--Look Under the Stairs!

A while back, I asked those of you who follow me on Facebook ( for some ideas for my 100th post. Well, scatter brained as I am, the 100th post came and went over the holidays. But there were several requests for ideas about decorating and organizing smaller spaces--appropriate as many of us are seeking ways to better use the space we have, and a renewed interest in quality spaces versus the "quantity" spaces of the McMansion era.

One thing small space dwellers have to do is make use of every nook and cranny. One of the most under utilized areas is the space under stairs. That odd little triangle often becomes a burial ground for "stuff" that gets shoved into the back never to be seen again. But a little creativity can make that space some of the most useful in your house. Check out these ideas:

 This great built in bench is perfect for putting on shoes as you head out the door.

This one has been a favorite on Pinterest, a fully functioning home office tucked in under the stairs!

 How cute would this be in a back staircase? An adorable little playhouse for the kids.

 Built in shelves beneath the stair can house books, a collection, or become a great "drop zone".

Or how about this? A series of pullouts makes the most of ever inch--use them for linen, games, or arts and crafts supplies.

Friends of mine converted the low space under a landing into a "house" for their beloved Golden Retriever, and the space under stairs can also be used in a pinch for a powder room. What other ideas have you seen for this overlooked area?