Sunday, July 29, 2012

If You Have To Do Laundry...

wouldn't doing it in one of these rooms make the chore so much easier?

Plenty of cabinet space, classic subway tile, natural light, and a gift wrapping station.
I love the idea of a countertop over the washer and drier--provides a great folding area, particularly in 
smaller laundry rooms.

Isn't this a neat idea? An old metal tub repurposed as a laundry sink. The hand shower mounted above
means this would be a great place for washing pets!

More and more houses are incorporating the laundry facilities into a "family studio" 
like this one. Part home office, part craft room, and part laundry room. 

What a perfect cottage laundry room. Countertops over the appliances, a charming sink, and a nice looking combination of open shelves and cupboards.

Multiple appliances mean knocking out the weekly laundry that much faster. The trestle table is a great spot for folding and the built in ironing board means no more lugging a squeaky board out.

So what's in your dream laundry room? For me, I'd have room for two washers and two driers, some area for hanging, a big surface for folding, and some sort of bins or hampers for sorting. Built in ironing (or better yet, one of those steamers that makes ironing almost unneccesary), and enough cabinet space to hide all the soaps and softeners.

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