Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Timely Start...

This blog is starting at an opportune time. I have, as of this writing, exactly two months and five days to get my own home "DONE." Not that any home is ever truly done, but the goal is to have every room presentable and finished looking in time for a large Halloween party. This is no small task, as we have 15 rooms spread over 4,000 square feet. At the beginning of the summer, almost all of those rooms were builder-white and empty. Slowly, paint has gone on the walls, details have been added, and a plan has fallen into place as to what it shall look like in two months.

It's an ambitious plan to have every room painted, new furniture delivered (not to mention packing up and moving everything from the old place), and a short list of carpentry projects done, but I'm confident it will be done. In fact, I predict it will be done early. And some of these projects will unfold here. Stay tuned!

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