Saturday, July 23, 2011

Two Million Dollars--for a Trailer??

For better or worse, mobile homes carry a certain stigma. They are where the  "people of Wal Mart" live, they are tornado magnets, and a sure sign to the world that the owners have definitely NOT "arrived." At the polar extreme of what one might imagine when thinking of a trailer park is Malibu, California--a star studded stretch of beach where homes routinely sell for several thousand dollars per square foot. Ironically, these two extremes exist together in the Paradise Cove and Point Dume mobile home parks overlooking the rarefied sands of Malibu.

That's right--ocean front trailer parks rubbing elbows with the beach houses of some of the best known names in the entertainment industry and the wealthiest businessmen in America. The two parks have (by Malibu standards) very low entry prices--homes can still be had for around $300,000. But current listings show dozens of trailers cresting the million dollar mark and a few over two million! Owners in Paradise Cove and Point Dume pay lot rents of up to $2,500 a month and have renovated and rebuilt their trailers so that hardly a trace of their metal sided and wood paneled beginnings remain. (photos taken from current listings)

$2.5 million will get you this renovated doublewide with an added two car garage.

The interior of a $2 million trailer. It's safe to say this mobile home didn't leave the factory looking like this.

Have an extra $700,000 lying around? Then this 1970's era doublewide could be yours!

And for a cool million, this doublewide enjoys great views.

A typical renovated trailer in Paradise Cove

One of the lower priced homes, this vintage single wide is still over $300,000.

The interior of this Point Dume home hardly looks like a trailer. 

This older unit has been given even more seaside appeal with shingle siding. The two million dollar plus price tag keeps out the riff raff.

It really does come down to location, location, location. Not the view you expect from a trailer park, is it?

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  1. This is crazy!!! Wow who knew, this takes trailer park living to new heights (and dollar amounts) but the views are admittedly amazing! Guess that ocean view really is priceless.

  2. It must be! My jaw dropped hearing about these places.