Sunday, October 16, 2011

Drive By Shootings: European Elegance

This "Drive-By Shooting" is a house in the midst of a complete renovation. Once owned by a prominent and philanthropic family, the house was sold last year for an almost unheard of price in Greenville, South Carolina. I wish I'd had the foresight to download the photos from the listing, because it revealed an interior of gracious rooms, gorgeous moldings, and interiors in which cost had been no object--in 1969. The home was flawless but extremely dated. The house is on a double or triple lot on one of the most desired streets in town, and has over 7,000 square feet on three levels. The slate roof and cast stone entrance and window surrounds speak to the quality of the house. The new owners have removed the high hedge that previously blocked the house from the street, torn down an ill-conceived greenhouse that once sat on the left side, replacing it with the large pavilion that is visible hear, and added a carriage house that perfectly compliments the existing house.

The renovations are being completed by a top-notch builder and overseen by a respected architect, I can only hope the finished house is  published or open on one of the charity tours in the coming years. I would love to see what they have done with the interior.

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  1. Very pretty, nice curb appeal. I look forward to seeing more!