Monday, August 22, 2011

Going Up

There may be no architectural element on the interior of a house more important than the staircase. It's often positioned such that it's the first thing guests see when they enter. Mothers daydream of their daughters sweeping down a dramatic stair on prom night. Family photos are staged along their risers. Even the most humble staircase is more than a means of traveling between floors. So here's a look at some of my favorites.

Love how the balusters connect on this stair.

Gorgeous limestone and iron stair (via The Enchanted Home)

I adore a classic black and white floor! Great ironwork here. (via The Enchanted Home)

Crisp paneling and a simple railing make a beautiful first impression. (via Traditional Home)

What is not to love about this space?

Dramatic stair by Norman Askins. Beautiful inlaid floor.

Another Norman Askins stair, love the detail along the stringer.

Stunning front door and paneling in this home by Gabriel Builders.

A "haint" blue ceiling and stunning skylight crown this stair.

The seagrass runner keeps these double stairs from feeling too formal.

Great double split stair provides interesting views through the house.

A flawless curving stair by Robert A. M. Stern

Another by Stern...does this one remind anyone else of Auntie Mame?

A sweeping stair, a rotunda, and black and white floors? I have died and gone up the Stairway to Heaven. (via Whitehaven)

So which is your favorite? Do you have any special stairway memories or traditions?

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  1. Ha Ha on me. Initially I thought the photo of the split stair was a hinged trap door. Really cool, but was pretty sure it would not meet code. Looked again and saw the split, so it would be ok per code, then looked again and realize it is just a split, not a hidden under the stair room....... You got me thinking and I appreciate your work. Thanks!