Saturday, August 13, 2011

Poolhouse Plans

I was recently hired to design a poolhouse structure as part of a family's backyard makeover, and posted some serious poolhouse eye-candy here on the blog a while back. Since then, I've noticed a lot of search engine traffic for people searching for poolhouse ideas and plans.

If you've got a pool, you already know why a poolhouse is a great idea. Providing swimmers with a bath and kitchenette outside means less wet feet trampling through the main house. I've seen some poolhouses that were little more than sheds for housing pool toys and chemicals, and some that were big enough for a family of six to live in full-time. This design lies somewhere in between.

The exterior is a combination of brick, stone and timber. The central open-air living space is framed with gorgeous timber truss work. An outdoor fireplace features an inlay of herringbone brick, and the entire structure is skirted with a stone foundation.

The plan shows a large central outdoor living space. A cathedral ceiling framed with timber makes this a dramatic addition to your home and provides shade for when the sun gets too hot. To one side, a small, fully equipped kitchen means poolside snacks are just a step away from the action. And a large bath and changing room is conveniently located. With built-ins for storage and a walk-in shower for cleaning up after a swim, this bath is a perfect pit stop for pool parties.

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