Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Couple of Quick Ideas for Your Walls

The builder of my neighborhood has recently put up a new model home. It's a welcome site, after a few "quiet" years of construction, a half dozen new homes have popped up over the past few months, and it's nice to feel like we might finally be shrugging off this horrible economy.

Overall the house doesn't do much for me--it's a traditional sort of house that they have forced some crafstman-type details onto, and while it is a large home (almost 4,000 square feet) it doesn't flow all that well so it feels smaller, there were a few ideas that I was able to get from a quick tour of it today.

In a bedroom that was clearly staged as a "little boy's room", there were two great ideas for art. The designer's had hung a collage of framed comic book covers over the bed for a striking focal point:

The same idea could be applied in a number of ways--imagine the same look but with vintage fashion magazines. Or perhaps even some beautifully colored calendar pages?

In the same room, they had given three more framed covers some added "oomph" by hanging the center cover over a larger mirror:

I thought this was a great and unusual way to add some visual weight to a grouping. I may have to steal this idea for one of my guest rooms! Or imagine doing something similar with a pair of undersized prints that you love but haven't been able to hang.
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