Monday, January 23, 2012

A Few Projects at my Own House

A few weeks ago I shared the in progress redecoration of my foyer. (That post is HERE.) Well, after two and a half days of acrobatics high above the floor, the foyer is all done except for a few touch ups. I'm very brings the high foyer down to a much more human and inviting scale. We painted the outside corners of the design in a color that is a shade or two darker than the wall color (we have also used that darker accent on a niche and our fireplace) The center area of the molding was papered with a tone on tone damask that repeats the two colors. (A hint of bronze metallic throws off the color a bit in photos.)

Forgive the quick cell phone pictures, will take some better ones soon.

Before, tall blank walls that begged for SOMETHING.

During the redecoration--trim was in place but unpainted. Was already an improvement!

After, with accent paint and paper all done!

This would have been a very easy DIY project if not for the height of the room. (Or if we'd had proper scaffolding to work on). We plan on doing something similar in our two story great room, and at least there we won't have to dangle out over the stairs!

My decorative New Year's resolution was to finally do something with our long neglected master bedroom. Other than painting it last summer, not a thought has been given to that space. So while the trim guys were doing the foyer, I had them install crown in the bedroom, and right after Christmas we found the perfect chandlier, which we put up this weekend. Still needs a lot (drapes, a few pieces of furniture, etc.) but it already feels much better:

Master Bedroom in progress. If anyone has some ideas for this room, I am all ears! Still haven't quite gotten my vision for what it should look like once it's finished.

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  1. Hi love the molding on the foyer. It looks similiar as my house. Would love to do the same. what's the size of the box (outter and inner)? and distance between the boxes? Thanks for sharing