Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Dramatic Bathroom Renovation

This is one of the most dramatic before and afters I've ever worked on. When the new owners went to contract on this large house, they knew they'd want to immediately do some updating. The original owners had built the house during the nineties, and while they had fastidiously maintained it, it was beginning to look dated. Working for Design Elite architects and Bergeron Builders, I came up with a plan to renovate the kitchen and master suite.

The "before" shot reveals plenty of space, but not much in way of style. The wood trim, dated wallpaper, and inefficient layout made the huge bath feel dark and gloomy.

Yes, that is a live palm tree. A small sunken bathtub was surrounded by a planter filled with greenery. More dark wood made the vaulted ceiling an eyesore rather than a feature.
And here is the "after". Double vanities were added, specially built to be the perfect height for each of the owners. Their wish for large sinks was satisfied by deep apron-front ones specifically tailored for use in bathrooms. The clean lines and dark finish of the cabinetry contrast against the silvery blue walls. The woodwork was painted a bright white, making the space clean and bright, and a dramatic pendant lets light dance across the space.
Where the palm tree once grew, now stands a huge shower with multiple shower heads, including one cleverly located in a thin stainless steel rail across the top of the thick side walls. Bands of polished and honed tiles provide visual interest and a multi-colored accent tile gives a punch of pattern. The glass wall that separates the shower from the freestanding contemporary tub ("Soiree" by Toto), is lit from below by miniature LED lights, allowing the glass to glow dramatically at night.
We painted the wood ceiling, opting to leave the planks in place for texture, and the original bricks were left, complimented by thin brown pinstripes in the 12 x 24 rectangular tiles.
These open-backed shelves were custom designed and built to provide a graphic statement against the brick walls and a spot for stowing towels and bath products.
Stay tuned for the before and after of the kitchen in this house!
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  1. Jeez!! I cannot WAIT! I am so excited to see the kitchen redone, because this looks absolutely gorgeous. I've never seen such a graceful bathroom before.

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