Thursday, November 1, 2012

Going Up

I've got three similar projects on the boards right now, second floor additions to one story homes. The wish lists for all three are similar: create a proper master suite on the first floor, and add two bedrooms and a rec room on the new second floor.

The first house is a simple ranch, about 1,600 square feet. The current owners renovated when they first bought the house, and weren't keen on tearing out all of their work to make the renovations happen. So other than expanding one of the original bedrooms for use as a dining room, the original interior was left untouched. A new master suite, large outdoor living area, and garage are added out back, and a large front porch will be a great place to watch the neighbors go by. In the new second floor, two bedroom suites are on either side of a large playroom, and there's even room for some future expansion over the new garage.(For "After" Pictures of this house, CLICK HERE)

The second house is a similar unassuming ranch house. The existing interior was in need of updates, but since there was a little more square footage, we were able to keep the existing footprint. Two of the original bedrooms and the original master bath were gutted on the main floor--combined into a modern suite with a proper master bath and walk in closets. A few walls were felled in the rear of the house, allowing a large redesigned kitchen to open up to the family room. Upstairs, the kids will enjoy large bedrooms, walk in closets, and share a large compartmented bath. From the street, the steeper roof and dormers give the old ranch a cottage appearance.

The final house is the oldest of the three...a cute shingled cottage on the edge of a fine neighborhood of classic old homes. Tired and somewhat neglected, the old gal is in need of more space and some TLC. The interior will be gutted, the rabbit warren of small rooms giving way to an open floor plan that will feel much larger than it is. A new master suite and laundry room will be added at the rear, and upstairs two bedrooms will share a hall bath, and a large media room will overlook the back yard. The swooping roofline keeps the cottage character of the neighborhood and creates a larger front porch.

Do you have a favorite? Weigh in here! And stay tuned for more photos as work gets underway.


  1. I think the first one is my favorite! Can't wait to see some of the pictures.

  2. How much would it cost, approximately, to build it?

    1. It would depend on the type of finishes, etc. that you chose, but the budget for each of these renovations was in the 200,000 range.

    2. Any updates on the first house?

    3. They have recently finished it and we hope to get some photography in a few months once the landscaping has filled in.