Friday, April 22, 2011

Celebrating the Bunk Room

When I was around five years old, I got new furniture for my childhood room. I remember being so excited that I was getting bunk beds. Kids just naturally love them, don't they? A few well-placed props and an active imagination could turn the lower bunk into a train car, a motorhome, or the cockpit of a plane. Stretching the imagination a bit further, and both bunks turned into a cozy townhouse.

As I got older, the bunks became less practical. An adult-height person can't comfortably take the top bunk in a room with eight foot ceilings, and can likewise expect to smash their head against the top one if they take the lower bed. So the bunks went away once I hit my teen years, but I've always had a warm spot for them, and incorporated built-in bunks in many of my designs.

Bunks aren't only great for kid's rooms, but dedicated bunk rooms are a wonderful solution for homes that expect a large number of overnight guests. Lake houses, beach cottages, and mountain getaways where whole families and extended families gather are all great candidates. They are a great use of square footage--why waste money on a half dozen guest rooms that will only be used a few times a year when the grandkids will love sharing a great bunk room? Here are some wonderful examples:

Love the panel detail and the repeating arch and the great plaid rug in this one.

The beadboard details and built in  bookcase make these bunks wonderful little retreats.

This trio of bunks goes all the way to the rafters!

Love the little "windows" with the hanging fisherman's lights.
(from Coastal Living)

A white and aqua bunkroom from Coastal Living. Great built-in drawers!

This rustic set of built-in bunks is gorgeous! Love the log ladder.

A single built-in bunk can allow a study to serve double-duty as a guest room, or make the most of a wide hallway. (via The Enchanted Home)

This crisp blue and white bunkroom is by Sherill Canet (via The Enchanted Home)

A nautical bunk room by Steven Gambrell.

Keith Summerour designed this bunkroom by Morgan-Keefe builders. Love the paneling in this space!

What little girl wouldn't love the built-in vanity here?

Another nautical theme in this bunkroom.
Willow Decor

Do you have a favorite? Where would you use a bunkroom?

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  1. The best bunk round-up I've ever seen.

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  2. Raina, thank you! I just love a good built-in bunk (well, actually a good built-in anything). Love your site! Thanks for stopping by mine.