Sunday, April 17, 2011

A New Color Fixation

My body is back on land, but my mind is still at sea. The number one thing I've always heard from people returning from a Caribbean vacation comment on is the sea. Hearing about it, even seeing photos and video, is hardly preparation for seeing it in person. Near the shore, the sea is crystal clear, in beautiful shades of blue and blue-green, really something to behold for those of us used to the murky gray waters off the east coast of the United States.

But it was the color of the deeper waters that really impressed me. A dark, luxurious blue-green color. I hesitate to call it teal,  because that brings to mind some bad design from the early 1990's, but I suppose teal would be the most accurate description. More than once I remarked that the color begged to be on a wall somewhere. It won't be appearing on my own walls anytime soon, because after painting every room in this house, if I so much as suggest painting anything I cringe and my better half starts looking into mental health facilities for me. Even so, these images are going in my inspiration file:

Forgive the hatch marks, but I love the punch of the white furniture against these dark walls.

Some sort of faux finish has been used here, and I actually like the depth that it gives the sea-colored walls.

Gorgeous! So calming and glamorous.

Candice Olsen used the deep teal color in this dining room.

Great vignette on walls the color of the Caribbean.

Again, the light colored furniture and accessories really pop off the deep walls.

Another faux finish in deep teal. This very nicely echoes the deep nature of the color of the sea.

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  1. LOVE this post. The sea blue-green colors has been the inspiration in my home too. I've got the colors of that first picture in my kitchen. The walls are that blue (pretty close to it anyway) and white cabinets pop off the wall. My dream is to have that blue/green glass tile under the cabinets as a backsplash made to look like waves. I saw it somewhere and wish I'd printed it out.

    I have blue all over my house. It's so calming, relaxing, and inspiring in the rusty gray wet Seattle weather.

  2. I've done a bit of the lighter green-blues in my house, but these darker shades completely escaped me. I think I know just what tiles you are talking about, and you're right, those would be gorgeous! Could you install them yourself?

  3. Great post. Love any shades of blues, and that darker blue green is so gorgeous and rich, that third picture down, the bedroom just totally nailed thats one dreamy room! Its bold but so elegant..beautifully done!!

  4. I loved that bedroom too! I wouldn't have thought to use those shades together but it works so beautifully!