Saturday, February 12, 2011

An Amazing Find--"Imperial Trellis"

Along with practically everyone else, I love Kelly Wearstler's "Imperial Trellis" pattern from Schumacher. It's such a versatile print...I've seen it used successfully in a variety of room styles. The crisp geometry of it speaks to me...the $180 per yard price not so much.

I toyed with the idea of doing the drapery in my living and dining rooms with it, but 24 yards plus fabrication meant investing over $3,000 for four windows--quite out of my budget. Drapestyle sells a geometric almost identical to Imperial Trellis, a relative bargain starting at $220 per panel,but it was still more than I hoped to spend.

I ultimately decided that these would be too much pattern for the windows in those rooms, but still hoped to use it on pillows or an accent chair. The decorating Gods had different plans, though. I was browsing through Z Gallerie today looking for a few accessories. I'd once gotten a glimmer of hope when an online search showed that Z Gallerie had a very Imperial Trellis-like line of drapery panels and throw pillows. I was let down to discover they had carried it very briefly and had since discontinued it (amidst some copyright claims as I understand it.) So imagine my joy on seeing a pair hanging in the store today! They were the wrong color but the saleslady tracked down a pair in chocolate and ivory at another store, and they are on their way to me, where they will hang on the windows in the study. Not for $600 a panel, not for $220 a panel, but for $25!

Z-Gallerie's "Tango" Panels


  1. LOVE IT! Love chocolate and ivory pretty! And the deal is unspeakable amazing...WOW. Can't wait to see pics of the finished product. Really like the design A LOT.

  2. I just hung them up today, they look great! Will have some pictures up soon!

  3. once again you've found an amazing detail at an amazing price! I don't know how you do it.

  4. I've had a string of good luck with my bargain hunting lately! I'm always amazed at how window treatments instantly make a room feel finished.