Sunday, February 27, 2011

Celebrating Oscar Night With a Look at AD's Green Rooms

Tonight is Oscar night, when Tinseltown's royalty parade down the red carpet and are judged as much on their attire as on their acting ability. It's one of the most glamorous events in the world, and each year since 2003, Architectural Digest has sponsored a Green Room where the celebrites can compose themselves before hitting the stage.

This year's Green Room was designed by Michael S. Smith (the same designer the Obama's worked with on their changes at the White House.) I adore the antique mirrors, the wall of books, and the restrained color palette:

2011 Architectural Digest Green Room
 Last year's Green Room was designed by Roger Thomas and the focal point was a custom spatter-painted floor. I adore the accent chairs on the left--is that a Picasso-esque face printed on the back of them?

The 2010 AD Green Room
 The 2009 Green Room by Stephen Shadley was meant to evoke a sleek 1970's modern lounge. I love the thick black crown molding.

The 2009 AD Green Room

The 2008 Green Room might be one of my favorites. It almost goes without saying that Carleton Varney is responsible for it. the dramatic black walls, the pops of red and green, and the black and white checkerboard floor are signature Carleton. This room looks like it might have been plucked right out of The Greenbrier hotel.
2008 Green Room
2007's Green Room was truly "green"--Matthew White and Frank Webb selected materials that were recycled, sustainable, and eco-friendly. LOVE the mother-of-pearl wall covering.

The "green" 2007 Green Room

The 2006 room was by Roy and Dorothy Christopher. It is pure luxe glamour. Isn't that sofa gorgeous?

The 2006 Green Room
The Christophers were also responsible for the dramatic and theatrical Green Room for 2005. This room fairly reeks of Hollywood.

2005's Green Room
Roy and Dorothy Christopher also designed the 2004 Green Room. Roy is a verteran art director for the Academy Awards telecast. He's also responsible for one of my favorite sets of all time for the sitcom "Frasier". I could be right at home in this room. I believe the oval-backed chair is by Barbara Barry for Baker.

The 2004 AD Green Room

The first official AD Green Room was also done by the Christophers. The glam color scheme and subtle art deco influences are a nod to another era of Hollywood. I'd have to say this one is my least favorite, but it's still a beautiful space.

The first official Green Room, 2003


  1. as soon as I saw the 2008 Green Room, I was back at the Greenbrier! Amazing post!

  2. Dont you love that place? I could never live with that style in my own home, but there is something about it that just sings.

  3. while I love it at the Greenbrier, I'm with you in that there is no way I could live with that color scheme day in and day out. When will you be visiting WV again? I'll be there beginning of Aug and I will be going to the Spa at the Greenbrier. We should meet up.

  4. I go up about once every two months, but I am almost embarassed to admit that it has been at least ten years since I was at the Greenbrier last. I could definitely be talked into a return visit!