Saturday, February 5, 2011

Another Day, Another Find

A wrong turn yesterday led to another great find! I was spending a few hours of the rainy afternoon out "hunting"--a stop at my favorite fabric store, a cruise through an antiques and interiors market, and was attempting to make a stop at a local shop that imports some very nice Eastern pieces. When I turned into the wrong driveway, I decided instead to stop at Pier One, I'd seen an interesting lamp on their website that I made a mental note to go see in person.

And there, just inside the front door, was an incredible find! One of the things on my "list" has been a set of new side tables for the formal living room. I'd toyed with the idea of mirrored ones, black ones, or metal and glass ones.
One of the possibilities I'd found, Crestview Side Table for $529

Another possibility, Ethan Allen's Collector's Classic for $629

Rill Bunching Table from Baker

But what I found, at an almost unbelievable $79 a piece, were Hayworth side tables from Pier One's collection named for the iconic Rita Hayworth. They were on clearance and have been discontinued, and I was able to snatch up the last pair they had. 
They are the perfect size and height, and they were the perfect price. The silver leaf accents go great with the other things I've found for that room, and the traditional detailing on the legs and edge keep it from looking to contemporary.

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