Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Today's Find--Mirrored Chest

Little by litte, the formal living room and dining room are coming together. I have a vision for both of these rooms--picture all the sparkle and geometry of Hollywood Regency but just a bit more streamlined. The walls in both rooms are Sherwin-Williams "Pearl Gray" a shade I fell in love with after seeing it in a tour of homes several years ago. Everything else will be black, not-quite white, silver, or mirrored.
I love this room. The restrained color palette, the touches of "bling", the clean lines of the drapery. I definitely want black shades for the as-yet unfound lamps.

Another as-yet to  be found item is an accent chair. I have in mind something along these lines, though I haven't decided if I will do a white frame and black upholstery or a black frame and white upholstery.

So one of the things on my "to find" list for the living room has been some sort of side table that would sit between the accent chair and the larger one I already have. Ideally, this piece would have some sort of storage to hold sheet music for the piano.

And, today, I found it:

It's a perfect size for between the windows, holds all of the piano music, and adds just the sort of sparkle the room needed. (It's almost identical to one offered at Horchow but I got it for a fourth of the price!)

As an aside, it's nearly impossible to photograph a mirrored chest. I had to make the photo black and white just to make it legible.

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