Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Transitional Chandeliers

The hunt has been on for the perfect chandelier at my house. I hoped to find one that was silver and crystal, not too modern, and not too traditional.

I love these selections from the Walt Disney Signature collections at Metropolitan lighting: (Who knew a name best known for theme parks and cartoons could come up with such beautiful fixtures?)

I also like a few of the chandeliers that Candace Olson designed for AF Lighting:

And I love the black detail on this tuxedo chandelier from Uttermost:

Elk's Pembroke chandelier could have been another contender:

Then a friend told me that one of her favorite shoe stores was closing, and the owner was selling all of the furniture and fixtures. She said I HAD to see his chandeliers. And so (for a tenth of the price) I found the perfect transitional chandelier in the unlikeliest of places:

The medallion comes with it, but I'm torn on whether or not to use it. I have to wait a few weeks until the store actually closes to bring it home, but I think it will do very nicely.


  1. great taste in chandeliers. I like the 3rd one down, but I am all about bling!

    Thank you so much for adding me to your blogroll! How cool!

  2. I'm pretty partial to that one myself! And you're certainly welcome!

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