Friday, June 10, 2011

Blue and White Interiors

Tomorrow, I'll be joining my family for a week of relaxation by the beach. This will mark the fourth or fifth time that we have spent our family vacation at the same beach house. The house is small by current standards, mostly wood paneled (outdated by most opinions), and lacks the sort of spa bathrooms and gourmet kitchen that one might expect to find in an oceanfront house. But it sits right on the dune, is immaculately clean and well kept, and has been a favorite spot for us to just sit back and enjoy life! As is usually the case when I travel, my mind turns to the architecture and decor of my destination. I seek out local real estate listings, read up on the local "style", and get a feel for local neighborhoods. And I dare you to think "beach cottage" and NOT envision a lot of blue and white. Certainly, blue and white rooms have found places far from the shore, but the classic blue and white room is forever engrained with a certain coastal feel. Enjoy these inspirational photos of some of my favorite blue and white spaces:

My idea of a perfect beach house living room! Sherrill Canet designed this crisp space.

Coral seems to be EVERYWHERE lately, but what better place for a gallery of coral prints than a beach cottage?

Soft blue and white. A sleek take on the classic color scheme.

A beautiful stone fireplace anchors this living space. The beamed ceilings and slipcovered furnishings are stunning! (House Beautiful)

Mary McDonald is responsible for this sumptous blue and white bedroom. Perhaps a bit luxurious for the beach!

This little cottage is picture perfect in pale blues and white.

Sarah Richardson worked blue and white accents into the comfortable living room of her cottage.

Bubble bath anyone? A soothing and crisp cottage bathroom.

The wood paneled walls, denim sofa, and graphic rug are perfect for a carefree space by the sea.

To-die-for  subway tile is the focal point of this blue and white dream kitchen.

So, what does YOUR dream beach cottage look like? Does blue and white play into your design?

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  1. What is the brand and color of the blue tile on the backsplash?

    1. I wish I knew! It is stunning, isn't it? Unfortunately, this was not a space we designed.