Friday, June 3, 2011

Every Room Should Have a Touch of Black

I was having dinner at the home of an old friend recently, and when I admired a new piece she recently bought, she remarked that she thought of me when she saw it because I had once told her that "every room needs at least a touch of black." I don't remember the circumstances surrounding our original conversation, and I've never made any conscious effort to insure a touch of black in my rooms, but there is a certain wisdom to it. Black has the power to anchor a space, unify disparate pieces, and is so dynamic that it can be used to recede into the background or to dramatically command attention.  It can give an edge to a sleek, modern space, or add depth to a traditional one. And while I may have overreached in saying that EVERY room needs a touch of black, these images of rooms that use black show that most rooms certainly benefit from it:

In this space, black cabinetry draws the eye from the living room into the gorgeous kitchen beyond.

Nothing beats the elegance of a black grand piano! It, along with the chair and etageres, keep this soothing space grounded.

This gorgeous monochromatic space would feel lost without the black chairs and table giving it a visual anchor.

The simple Greek key motif in this guest room is elegant and timeless. The black floor gives the space weight, and the unifying treatment over the beds is a genius idea!

Once again, black serves as punctuation in a monochomatic space.

Perfection! The black frames of the Klismos chairs, the weight of the black lamp shades, and the simple black detailing on the roman shades give this room stunning definition. (When can I move in?)

The black console and frame command attention in this beautifully composed vignette.

Black flooring and handrails make a statement in this transitional stair.

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  1. I've heard the same thing about leopard, but I think Ballard Designs' marketing dept started that particular rumor.

  2. Ha ha! Ya know, I was just saying earlier today that I just have never been able to get into the whole animal print thing.