Saturday, June 4, 2011

Color Inspiration: Blue and Orange

Blue and orange are two colors that I have never pictured together, at least not in a room. Might make for a perfect pair for a high school sports team, but it's never crossed my mind to use them as the foundation for a room.

Until now. This first image, Mary McDonald's own dining room (she of Million Dollar Decorators), was the first I saw that made me say "oooo". With the formal rooms at my own house painted a pale gray blue very similar to the shade she chose here, and my kitchen and morning room painted orange, a scheme like McDonald used here would be the perfect thing to tie together all the rooms on my first floor:

The orange just gives this space life! (Mary McDonald in Traditional Home)

An orange print on the windows, pared with the palest of blue walls, and a few pops of aqua make for a beautiful space.

A closeup of the drapery in the room above. That ribbon detail is absolutely drool worthy!

Aren't the print over the bed and this quilt perfect together?

Another orange and white window treatment, this time on more dramatic blue walls.

Strong hues of orange and light turquoise combine for a fresh looking living room.

Beautiful symmetry!

This crisp, summery color scheme is perfect for a beach cottage.

A colorful gallery wall in a pale turquoise and orange accented space.

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  1. where on earth can I find those orange curtains!!!???

  2. I'm certain they are custom made but I don't recognize the it familiar to anyone else?

  3. I made them and I just went to the fabric store( Joann or Hobby Lobby) got a couple yards of fabric, stiched the sides, added ribbon on the bottom and side, and WALA!!!!
    Im must be easy!