Wednesday, June 22, 2011

"I'll Take the Stairs, Thanks"

I came across this deliciously fun New York City apartment today over at Architectural Record. Turrett Collaborative Architects combined two 1,200 square foot apartments into one duplex and connected the units in, let's just say, a rather unusual way:

Yep, the lucky owners can harness their inner child and slide right down into the living room via a custom built, beautifully detailed, stainless steel slide. I have to wonder how quickly the novelty of this slide wears off--or if the apartments owners giddily slide down to their morning coffee each day.

A view of the slide from the rooftop terrace.

The sleek open stairs mean make for a memorable ascent as well.

The details on this unusual feature are really quite beautiful.

A look at the floorplans show the slide takes up a pretty good chunk of the living space.

(photos from Architectural Record)

So what do you think? Could you embrace your inner youngster enough to add something like this to your house? What whimsical features would you indulge in?

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