Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Once You Go Black...

You can go back, but it will likely take several coats of primer. There has been a trend lately for black painted rooms, and it's one that I LOVE. I have always wanted a black powder room, but just never had the right house to make it work in. I buck "conventional" wisdom that light colors make spaces appear larger and that dark ones do the opposite. Dark colors can make the boundaries of a room visually recede off into the horizon. They can form a stunning backdrop for art, provide stark contrast to light colored furnishings or window treatments, and generally provide a point of drama in a space.

Are you brave enough to try dark walls, even black ones? Take a look at these inspirational rooms before you answer:

In this dining room, the black walls are a stark contrast to the otherwise all-white scheme.

Another black dining room. Elegant and dramatic!

A black accent wall anchors this monochromatic living room.

Black chinoiserie wallpaper in a transitional dining room.

I covet this black powder room! The uber-trendy garden stool and towels provide pops of color.

A black foyer makes quite the first impression.

The large frieze in this bedroom keeps the black walls from being overbearing.

Really a dark charcoal rather than a true black, the persimmon colored chairs are a striking contrast. And check out the light fixtures!

Black seems to be quite popular in dining rooms! Here, the floors, ceiling and walls are black, allowing the trimwork to trace the room. The turquiose upholster pieces are startlingly elegant.

The classic black and white checkerboard floor proivides a graphic statement in this chic dining room. The scallop of the cased opening is an unusual detail.

Black walls showcase a collection of white objet. Gorgeous graphic rug!

What do you think of this book-lined bedroom? The black walls here are enveloping, making this a perfect spot for sleep and relaxation.

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  1. Did you notice that foyer? How did they get the walls to be glossy? I am guessing that would be very hard to do.

  2. It almost looks lacquered. I personally could not have walls that shiny. Gloss magnifies the tiniest flaws in the wall surface, and it would drive me crazy!

  3. I love black walls! Those last two rooms make my heart beat a little faster, so beautiful. I think John Jacob has succssfully mastered using blacks and grays in perfection! I love it....